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Reusable Coffee Pods



Nespresso Machine Compatibility:

Inissia C40, Inissia D40, Lautissima One, F111 Lattissima One, Lattissima Pro F456, Lattissima Touch, CitiZ & Milk C122, CitiZ C112, CitiZ D112, Expert C80, Creatista Plus, Expert & Milk C85, Pixie C60, Pixie C60P, Pixie Clips

2 x Reusable Nespresso Coffee Pods


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"Only 10 days to Sydney, Australia.


״The pods work 100%


״Works perfectly 5 stars from me!!!


The Benefits

Get the pack with the tamper for easy packing

Pre-pack yours to use later

Choose your favorite coffee

coffee capsuleI
coffee pod and Tamper
coffee pod

Easy to pack, wash and resuse

Strong and reusable

Made with food grade stainless steel

A New Breed of Coffee Capsules

Easily pack your favourite coffee into the pods, and reuse over, over and over…

Save Money

You will save hundreds of dollars a year on your coffee pods.


Fill, pack, drink.... over and over. This means less polution and plastic landfill.

Food Grade

We have chosen food-grade stainless steel to protect your health.

Pack & Seal

Use the free coffee scoop to pack your capsule, seal, and you're done.

It might be small but it packs a punch!

Easily pack your favorite coffee, seal, use, drink, enjoy, use again…

Refillable Coffee Capsules

What Customers Are Saying

“A robust high-quality product.


“Delivery was fast"


“The set is wonderful.